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Transferring my e-mail from my desktop to a laptop

Transferring my e-mail from my desktop to a laptop

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I want to transfer all my e-mails and contacts and etc. from my desktop to my laptop. I want my windows live mail on my laptop to have everything the windows live mail on my desktop has.

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Monico_J. Answer
Monico_J. replied on February 3, 2012 Forum Moderator

Hi pisces268,

Please refer to the steps below to export emails:

1. Go to File (Alt + F)/Export/Messages/Windows Live Mail
2. Click Browse to navigate to Msgs folder, click OK, click Next
3. Choose one of two options (All Folders or Selected folder) – if ‘Selected’ use the Control key for multiple selections, then click next to start the Export.

Do not interrupt the export process. Once through Click Finish.

– The resultant export will include all folders, subfolders and messages (news and mail)
– Do not use this folder for any other storage.
– If the process is repeated later, the blank folder is still required

Note: Important – a blank folder is required

Please copy the folder into your flash drive.

To import emails:

1. Start Windows Live Mail
2. Press Alt + F, select Import Messages
3. Choose Windows Live Mail then click on Next
4. Browse for the folder (where emails were exported)
5. Click Next, click Finish

You can export the contacts from your contact list in Windows Live Mail as business card (.vcf) files or as a single, comma-separated values (.csv) file.

Please refer to the links below:

To export contacts from Windows Live Mail, click here.

To import contacts, click here.


Windows Live Monico J.

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